Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 17: Last Day of Sprouts

Today was our last day of Sprouts for the season.  I always look forward to our Sprouts summer break!

To celebrate, we had a beach party and the kids were encouraged to wear their swimsuits.   Check out Isla, showing off her chubby thighs and a new swimsuit!
This was possibly Audrey's last day of Sprouts ever.  Next year, she will be in preschool on Thursday mornings, so she won't be able to go to Sprouts with us.  Audrey has a love/hate relationship with Sprouts.  She talks about how much she likes it when we are not there, but when we are there, she has always been too scared of the other kids to play or do anything. 

Actually, the past month or so, she has been coming out of her Sprouts shell.  She discovered a new love for the playland, and there have been a few weeks when she was like a normal kid...running around and playing by herself so that I didn't even see her for the entire hour!  Too bad it took her three years to decide that playing with the other kids at Sprouts wasn't so bad after all!

Here is Audrey with her BFF Anna.  These two have become good friends through Sprouts and their Sunday School class at church.  They are going to be in the same preschool class next year too.  I think Anna played a role in helping Audrey come out of her shell at Sprouts this year.
Just for fun, here is a look back at Audrey at Sprouts through the past three years.  She has grown up so much!!


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