Saturday, May 12, 2012

May 12: Church Garage Sale

Wow, what a crazy week!  I am tired and would just love to sleep in my bed for a couple of days straight (if only!!). 

Our church had a final fundraiser for our summer mission trips--a garage sale.  I am going on a trip to Haiti, so I was helping with the sale this week.  All of the garage sale items were donated from church members, and we had A LOT of donations.  This picture shows just SOME of the stuff that we had. 

The gym was full, the hall outside the gym was full, the parking lot was filled with was so much stuff. Ridiculous amounts of stuff! I spent a lot of time at church this week sorting through the donations.  Yesterday, I just unpacked and sorted and folded bags and bags and bags of clothes for hours.  I really didn't think we would ever get through all those bags.

But we did get everything sorted and organized, and then at 7 am this morning the crowds came and destroyed all that beautiful organization in a matter of seconds!!  However, we did make $4200 in just 5 I'm thinking that it was all worth it!


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