Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 22: Piano Recital

Tonight was my spring piano recital for my piano students.  I think this was the seventh recital that I have done with my students here.  I only have one student left from my original "class" of students, as the door to the piano lesson world seems to be constantly revolving.  Right now, I have a fairly small group of students (eight), and they have all been with me for a few years now.  It is kind of fun, because I have no beginner students so some of these students are getting to the level where they can play some really fun music!

Once we got all the students on stage for a picture, we noticed that they all color coordinated!  Funny!

 It's getting to be the time of year when I start thinking back to what we were doing one year ago today reminiscing about Isla's birth day.  Last year's recital was on May 17, exactly two weeks before Isla was born.  Everyone kept telling me (based on the size of my belly), there is no way you are ready to have that baby.  Little did they (we) know, baby Isla was just about ready to make her appearance!


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