Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 3: Koolaid Playdough

I've been kind of grumpy this week, so I have tried to think of some fun things for us to do to get me out of my funk.  I always feel the need to do extra special things with the girls when I am grumpy, probably to make up for the fact that I am not being very nice!

One of those things:  making homemade playdough.  I have never made playdough before, and I have no idea why I waited so long!  It was so easy to make, and it is so much better than the storebought stuff.  It is softer and much easier for little ones to mold and shape.  Audrey loved it!

We used this recipe for Koolaid Playdough.  It uses Koolaid to color the dough, and it also gives it a great smell.  Audrey picked out the Koolaid flavors/colors:  Kiwi Strawberry to make pink playdough and Grape to make purple playdough.  (Pink and purple have replaced yellow as her favorite colors).

I was also inspired during this project to make Pink Lemonade Playdough for Isla's upcoming pink lemonade birthday party!


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