Friday, May 25, 2012

May 25: One Year Ago...

One year ago today I was first put on bed rest due to low amniotic fluid, six days before Isla was born!  I remember that week before she was born (and the week after her birth) so vividly.  Probably because all I did was sit around and think, and then I wrote out all of my thoughts on the blog.  There was so much uncertainty and wondering and waiting during those six days.  And then baby Isla was here!

So, one year later, here sits that little baby who caused us so much worry!
 She is playing with a game that I am making for our upcoming summer preschool event at church, Kid City.  I am in charge of the grocery store room, where the kids come and play and learn about how God takes care of us and gives us food.  I found these super cute plastic berry baskets at Target today, and I am way excited about them.  They are going to work perfectly for the fruit/veggie color sorting game that I am planning!

 Here she is on the go!  She is scooting without her arms a lot these days.  She puts both legs to one side like this and scoots forward.  Then she will switch to the other side and go that way for a while.  She is starting to get really fast at this scooting thing, especially on the hardwood floors!


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