Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 24: The Sprinkler, Finally!

Audrey is obsessed with sprinklers.

Last year, I bought a cheap sprinkler.  Audrey wasn't sure about it at first, and by the time she warmed up to it, the cheap thing broke!  We never bought a new sprinkler, but Audrey never forgot the few minutes that she played in that sprinkler.

For the past 6 months or so, Audrey has been looking at and talking about this picture from last summer:
She has been asking over and over again, "When do I get to play in the sprinkler again?  I really want to play in the sprinkler."  I have been telling her, "When it is summertime, then you can play in the sprinkler."

A few weeks ago, Lindsey invited Audrey over to play in the sprinkler with her boys.  It was the best afternoon for Audrey.  They had two sprinklers, a little one and a big one.  Audrey has not stopped talking about those sprinklers!  (She also go to eat ice cream, so that helped in making it a super fun afternoon for her).

So this morning, I told Audrey that it was summertime today.  (High of 90 degrees, schools getting out this week...I think that makes it summer).  Audrey immediately said, "Now I can play in the sprinkler?"  After I told her yes, she ran out of the room for a minute.  She came back carrying a photo calendar of mine that is filled with pictures of the girls.  She opened up to the month of June, and there was the above picture of her and her sprinkler.  "This is what our sprinkler looks like," she said.  "Let's go find it!"

She was a little heartbroken when I told her that sprinkler was broken.  I told her we were going to play with Daddy's sprinkler instead.  "Not the robot sprinkler!" she said.  "I don't like that one."  (It is the sprinkler he uses to water the grass.  It is silver, and it kind of does look a bit robotic, I guess!)

Well, once it was time to play, Audrey didn't mind the robot sprinkler.  She had so much fun running through it over and over and over again!  She is so much braver than she once was.  Running barefoot through grass!  Getting water in her face and eyes!  She just laughed and laughed and had so much fun.  I have a feeling these may be the first of many Summer 2012 sprinkler pictures with Audrey.


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