Saturday, June 11, 2011

Audrey and Isla

We were very anxious about how Audrey would react to her new baby sister. At times in the past, she has not been too happy about Mommy or Daddy even touching a baby. I was prepared for the worst...with lots of screaming and tantrums from Audrey as we adjusted to life with a baby at home.

However, so far it seems that our worries have been for nothing. Audrey is doing great with baby Isla. She is such a good big sister! She doesn't fuss or cry when we are taking care of Isla. She really hasn't been any more clingy or needy with me or Daniel. She likes to help sometimes, but sometimes she will just do her own thing too. Audrey loves to pat baby Isla's head and hands. She talks to her and shows her things. Last night, she was watching Mickey Mouse and she said, "Look baby Isla. It's Mickey Mouse. That a good show. Wanna watch?" Audrey's interactions with Isla are very cute and make me so happy.

Here is a video of their first meeting at the hospital, and one of Audrey singing Happy Birthday to her baby sister.

So...I was typing the above while Audrey was napping. Then Audrey woke up from her nap and was extremely grumpy. She was crying and clingy and did not want me to hold baby Isla. Maybe I spoke a little too soon about her being okay with all of this?!


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