Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 16

I promise my mom is here with us, though I don't have a picture yet to prove it. I keep telling her that I want a picture of her with the girls, but she keeps insisting that her hair doesn't look good enough when I want to take the picture. Tomorrow, she promises me, we will get a nice picture of all of them together.

Nana did buy Audrey this watering can tonight while they were out shopping, so Audrey came home and wanted to water the flowers.
And just so Isla doesn't feel left is a picture of her from tonight. We are hoping for a better night with Isla tonight, as she did not want to sleep much last night. She seemed to have a better day today though, with a good rhythm of eating, being awake and sleeping. We'll see what happens tonight...for now, she is asleep...which means it is time for us to go to sleep too!


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