Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 23

Audrey made this card for me (with Daddy's help) while I was fixing dinner tonight. The sweetest thing about the card is that Daniel did not coach her at all on what it said. He just asked her what she thought the card should say and she said, "Dear God, Thank you for Mommy." So sweet!!

She needed to have a sweet moment tonight, because this afternoon I was at my wit's end with her. She threw a huge temper tantrum (30 minutes of blood curdling screaming and kicking in her room) at naptime. She finally gave up and fell asleep, but only for about 40 minutes or so. When she woke up, she had wet the bed. (Only the 2nd time for her to do that while wearing her big girl panties!) I don't know if the bedwetting was an accident while she was sleeping or if it was part of her temper tantrum. Regardless, it was a very frustrating afternoon.

Audrey has always been so good about sleeping. She takes regular naps and she goes to bed without a fuss...always. Now is not a good time for her to start fighting with me about sleep! Fortunately, Isla napped through the whole afternoon, so at least I didn't have two screaming girls on my hands!


Julie Davison said...

What a sweet card! :)

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