Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 30

During Audrey's first year, it drove me crazy that her birthday was on the 31st. How do you know when she officially turned the next month old if there was not a 31st in every month? It wasn't a big deal obviously, but still it drove me crazy.

The morning of Isla's birth, I thought, "I hope they don't induce me today because I don't want to have another baby on the 31st. It's too annoying to not know when their monthly birthdays are." So, of course, it is fitting that baby Isla was also born on the 31st...what are the chances!

Despite this minor annoyance, it is still kind of fun to have two girls with 31st birthdays!

On to Isla's one month pictures. First, because I love to compare things on this blog, here is Audrey's one month picture. I clearly remember the day we took Audrey's first picture with Raggedy Anne. How quickly the past 2 1/2 years have flown by...can't believe we are already taking monthly pictures again!

This crazy little girl is 32 months old today! Notice the blue marker on her legs. Audrey has recently been very interested in drawing. I have been letting her use pens and markers without much supervision, because in the past she has done such a good job of coloring only on her paper or coloring books. That has changed this week! Earlier in the week, she colored in a piano book with pens. And today, she colored all over her legs with a marker. Fortunately, she hasn't discovered a Sharpie yet!


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