Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 25

Today, Scheels opened just down the road from our house. We have been waiting for months and months for this store to open, so we braved the opening morning crowds to check it out. Scheels is a sporting goods store, and we really have very little interest in buying sporting goods. We wanted to go to see all the attractions that the store claimed to offer.

We were not disappointed! It was a very impressive place, with lots of fun things to do with kids. They have a really cool aquarium that is shaped like an arc, so it goes up over your head. Audrey thought the aquarium was really cool, until she noticed this: "Wow, look at that!" she said. "It's a RIDE!" They have a pretty good sized Ferris Wheel in the middle of the store, and Audrey was super excited about it. Unfortunately, you have to be 36 inches tall to ride it. Audrey is only 31-32 inches, so she is going to have to wait a while before she will get the chance to ride it. Today, she was content enough to just look at it though!

On the second level, they have this huge mountain with lots of (fake) animals. Audrey liked that a lot too. She was very excited to spot a herd of deer, which she named Bambi, Bambi's Mommy and Bambi's Daddy.They also had areas within the store designated for photo opportunities with various animals like this giant bear. Audrey wasn't quite sure about the big bear at first, but she got over her fear and was eager to pose for a picture.

They also had a playland for little kids, that we will definitely be checking out when it is not so crazy busy. For older kids/adults, there was a shooting gallery, Nascar and golf simulators, and a Dance, Dance revolution game. I'm sure there was probably more that we didn't even see! The place was pretty full while we were there.

Before we left, we also had to check out their restaurant/cafe. They have a full menu with sandwiches and stuff, as well as a fudge and ice cream shop. The ice cream was only $1, and it was pretty yummy!We will definitely be adding Scheels to our list of places to go for free entertainment. Especially once the crowds die down, I can see myself taking the girls there regularly to visit all the (fake) animals, see the fish, play in the playland and get some ice cream!

We are most excited about the potential for new businesses to open up next to Scheels. A whole retail center is planned to be built there. I am hoping for some fun new stores and restaurants to come to town...all conveniently located right by our house!


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