Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 4

Isla's bilirubin and sodium levels were back to normal that is very good!

However, they haven't discharged us yet because they are concerned about her feedings. We are now supplementing with formula, but she is not eating enough consistently enough. They want her to be eating about one ounce at each feeding (every 2 hours) before they will discharge her. Today, she would sometimes eat almost a full ounce, but at other times she would only eat about a half ounce. Hopefully, she will have some good feedings tonight, and we will be able to take her home tomorrow. Her last feeding was very small, so she is starting to make me nervous.
Isla and I are here by ourselves tonight. Daniel went home to be with Audrey. That poor girl has had such a crazy week. I feel so bad for her...and I miss her! Between bedrest, having a baby, and being here with Isla, I haven't spend hardly any time with her the past 10 days. I am very eager to be at home with both of my girls!!


Julie Davison said...

She is just beautiful!! Hang in there! Soon enough you will all be home together and Audrey will forget that you were gone!

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