Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 7

Isla had her first visit from our family today! Due to a variety of circumstances, no one from either of our families has been able to make it over to meet her yet. Until today! My dad and stepmom came over for a little visit this afternoon.

Audrey loves her "Gampaw" and "Gammaw". She especially loves Gammaw's iphone, which has a very fun Elmo game on it!
Isla was much more alert today than she has been the past few days. She even kept her eyes open long enough for me to snap a few pictures!I was holding Isla, and Audrey wanted to come sit by us. I told Daniel to come over and take a picture of all us girls. Audrey pointed to each of us and said, "Baby girl. Big girl. And Mommy girl."


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