Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13

Most summers, we would be at church camp this week. Our friend Amy is the dean of a 3rd-4th grade week of camp, and Daniel and I usually go and help out during her week. But due to Isla's birth, we were not able to help this year.

We did go out for a visit this afternoon though. Camp is always a fun place, especially for a 2 year old. Audrey was very excited to be there. She went swimming with Daniel, Cael and Amy (and all the campers), while Isla and I hung out and watched and took pictures.

Audrey got to try wearing arm floaties for the first time, and she did so good! She was brave enough to swim back and forth between Daniel and Amy all by herself! She did end up under the water a few times and swallowed some water, both of which were a little upsetting to her. But then she would bounce back with a laugh or a squeal of excitement. We need to find a friend with a swimming pool this summer, so she can keep practicing her new swimming skills!


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