Sunday, June 5, 2011

June 5

Isla was discharged from the hospital around 11 this morning. She is gaining weight and seems to be eating fairly well. We have an appointment with our pediatrician tomorrow morning, but it looks like she is in good shape.

We went straight from the hospital to church to pick up Audrey. Daniel dropped her off in her Sunday School class at 9 this morning, then left to come back to the hospital to help us pack up and get discharged. I figured it was best for Audrey to have as normal of a morning as possible. She loves going to her classes at church, and she didn't even know that we were somewhere else!

Tonight, Lindsey brought us dinner. She made a special dinner just for Audrey--which included two of her favorites berries and peanut butter and jelly. =Thanks for being so thoughtful, Lindsey!

And a final picture of Isla snuggling on the couch with Daddy after her bath tonight. She was extremely irritable the first few days of her life. But now that she has some food in her belly, she is a different baby. She eats and sleeps and really that is about it right now. I could just sit and snuggle with her all day long!


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