Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20

One of the ways that Audrey wants to "help" with baby Isla is by putting her pacifier back in her mouth. In order to put the pacifier back in her mouth though, the pacifier first has to come out of her mouth. Several times over the past few days I have caught Audrey pulling out Isla's pacifier, just so she could put it back in again.
Today, I left Isla on the couch and Audrey playing in the living room while I went to let Maggie in from outside. I was gone for about 5 seconds. When I walked back into the room, Audrey was standing very, very close to Isla by the couch. Before I even said a word, Audrey said, "I not doing anything, Mommy. I just saying hi. I not bothering her."


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