Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27

My two little girls are keeping me busy and wearing me out! I didn't take any pictures today. But we did find out a few bits of potentially exciting news:

1. We may be getting a minivan in the near future. This would not have been considered exciting news to me a couple of years ago, but having two kids has changed my attitude about driving a minivan.

2. We may have found a home for Maggie. Maggie (our dog) was once the baby of our family, but with two kids now, Maggie is not really our favorite anymore. Honestly, she just drives me crazy, all of the time, even when she is just sitting there and doing nothing! It is time to find a new, more loving home for her. So keep your fingers crossed that the family who is coming over to see her tomorrow night will love her and want to take her home and keep her forever!!


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