Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August 9

I've been reading a lot about plagiocephaly. I'm probably spending way too much time thinking about this, but I like to be well-educated. It's actually been really comforting. There are all kinds of plagio support groups and websites out there. I enjoy reading other people's stories about this process and what to expect. In all of my reading, I learned about the Noggin Nest (the hot pink thing in the picture above). It's basically just a pillow with a hole cut out of it, which helps to take the pressure off the back of the head when babies are on their backs. I found one at our Babies R Us this morning and decided to try it out. All of the reviews I read about it were positive. Everyone kept saying how their baby's head was so flat, but after a few weeks of using this pillow, it was nice and round! I'm not expecting results like that, but if we can at least prevent her head from getting any worse, I will be happy.

I've been stressing out about putting Isla in her carseat or swing or bouncy seat because I don't want to put any unnecessary pressure on her head. But the truth is, she is going to have to be in those things at least a little bit every day. So we're going to try out this pillow with all those things and see what happens.

I'm also going to start using the baby carrier more out in public and even around the house. Anything we can do to get her off her back will hopefully help her head improve naturally without the need for a helmet. It will be easier when she is able to hold her head up and sit up.

If we do end up with a helmet, I found this website tonight. This lady makes hats that cover up the helmet completely! She also sells velcro bows and flowers that you can attach to the helmet. I love that Isla could still wear bows even with a helmet! There are a lot of tacky looking helmets out there, but I can guarantee that Isla's helmet (if she needs one) would be stylish!

We have our first physical therapy appointment in the morning. I'm curious to see what they do with her and what they tell us. Her appointment with the helmet specialist is not until September 7, so we won't know much more about what will happen next until then.


Julie Davison said...

The hats are so cute! I was looking at another website you linked to the other day and saw some before and after helmet pictures. WOW! The change is incredible!

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