Saturday, August 6, 2011

August 5, Part 2

After Isla's appointment, we decided to do something fun. Really, I just wanted to get out of the house. We've spent a lot of time there lately, and I needed to go somewhere. So we packed up and went to the Miller Zoo in Bloomington.

The Miller Zoo is a nice little zoo. I really want to go to St. Louis sometime, as their zoo is huge and free. But the weather in St. Louis was not looking favorable, so we chose Bloomington instead.
I will say that going on outings like these with two little ones is about twice as exhausting as it was with just one! I had a headache before the day began, and it grew as the day went on. But I'm still glad we went, because it beats sitting around at home all day long.

Audrey has been in a phase lately wear EVERYTHING scares her. So I wondered if she would like anything at the zoo, or if she would just be scared of the animals.

She was scared of some of the animals...especially the goats! I thought we made progress back in February, when she was willing to pet the goats at Animal Kingdom. But, she is back to being terrified of going near them now.

However, there were a lot of animals that she was not scared of at all! Her favorites for the day were the pig, reindeer, the alpacas, the bear, the otter (he swims upside down!), and the wallaroos (we called them kangaroos). It was funny, because she was terrified of some of the animals that were in cages or behind glass. But then we got to the wallaroo section, and they weren't caged at all. They were just standing behind this little rail, right there in the open. I was a little scared when we walked in and saw this right next to us.

But Audrey wasn't scared at all! That silly girl was ready to walk up and give them a hug. She kept pulling handfuls of grass and holding her hand out to feed to them.
My favorite photos of the day have nothing to do with animals. We stopped for an ice cream break, and Audrey was eating a popsicle. The light was just right for pictures, so I photographed her popsicle eating!


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