Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1

We had a fairly quiet and relaxing day around the house today. Both girls took good naps. Audrey slept for two hours this afternoon! She hasn't done that in a long time. She has been doing better about sleeping. She will sleep in her room by herself. Only she sleeps on the floor and she wants the door to be left open a little bit. We also have been staying upstairs (in our room, not hers) until she falls sleep. Generally, she falls asleep within 10 minutes or so. If she hears us going down the stairs while she is still awake, she freaks out. Putting her to bed is not quite as easy as it used to be, but it is a lot better than it was a week ago when she was getting out of bed constantly.

Back to today: I didn't get around to taking any pictures. Since it was a lazy day, we spent most of the day in our pajamas! At one point this afternoon, Audrey told me, "Mom, you need to take a shower."

"Why do I need to take a shower?" I asked her.

"Well, still wearing your jammies!"

I have been asking Audrey "why?" a lot lately, because I love to see what kind of answer she will give me. She always begins with "well, because" which I think is so adorable. Then she will come up with such funny reasons for why she thinks something. Another example from today, while Audrey was eating a little red velvet cupcake after dinner:

Audrey: "This cupcake is yummy!"
Us: "Why is the cupcake yummy!"
Audrey: "Well,'s red! And it has icing on it!"


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