Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8

We are working hard on tummy time around here. The doctor wanted us to get in 20 minutes a day, but I'm trying to get her to do 30 minutes a day. The past couple of days Isla has been doing really well with tummy time. Look how much she is pushing herself up in these pictures! It's like the threat of the helmet was enough to get her to start getting her head up off the ground!

Whenever she lifts her head for a long time, Audrey and I cheer and say, "Hip hip hooray!" Audrey enjoys being Isla's cheerleader for the first few minutes, but then she wants her own turn doing tummy time.
Notice Audrey crying in the background in this one.
Once Isla was finished, Audrey FINALLY got to have her turn. While Isla's tummy time lasted for 10 minutes, Audrey's lasted for about 10 seconds. After all her fussing, she quickly lost interest and was ready for something else.


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