Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 14

Since we have (sort of ) been trying to eat more real foods, we have discovered an easy, cheap and healthy snack...air popped popcorn.

We inherited this air popper from someone, but we've never used it much. Now that we've started using it, I have no idea why we ever made microwave popcorn. Air popped popcorn tastes just as good, is just as fast and easy to make, and it is so much healthier. There is no oil involved, which means there is no fat and very few calories. Audrey loves it, and I don't feel bad about letting her eat a lot of it. Plus, she loves to watch it pop!
Just so baby Isla doesn't feel left is a picture of her from tonight. She was smiling, and I was trying to capture it on camera. But as soon as I lifted the camera up she would stop smiling. Then when I put it down, she would start smiling again. Little stinker!


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