Monday, December 10, 2012

December 9: Decorate an Icing Tree

I saw this idea on Pinterest to decorate sugar cones with icing and candy.  It sounded like fun, and easier than decorating gingerbread houses.  So that is what we did this afternoon!

Audrey thought it was a lot of fun to put the jelly beans on the cones.  But I think the best part for her was licking the icing off her fingers after putting each jelly bean on the tree.

I wanted to let Isla try too, since she seems to always get left out of our Christmas activities.  She put one jelly bean on, got icing on her fingers, and wasn't too happy about it.  I tried to show her how to lick it off her fingers, but she wasn't interested.  She ended up just passing them out to me, so I could put them on the tree for her.
 Here are the finished trees!
Once the icing dried, we used the trees to dress up our Willow Tree nativity.  Audrey was very disappointed to find out that the trees were only for decoration and not for eating.


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