Friday, December 21, 2012

December 21: Update on Isla

We are at Daniel's parents house this evening, getting ready for a weekend of Christmas festivities!

Before we left this morning, Isla had a doctor's appointment.  They were planning to give her 18 month shots and do some blood work to see if they could find a reason for her slow rate of growth.

First, they weighed and measured her again.  She was 30 inches, just like she was two weeks ago.  But today, she was 21.5 pounds, which means she gained a half pound in two weeks.

The doctor was encouraged by this growth and decided to give her a little more time to grow.  She wanted to spare her (and me) the torture of possibly unnecessary blood work.  They skipped the blood work today, and we are going to go back for another height/weight check in three months.  Then we will see where she is at and go from there.

I'm glad that we didn't have to do the blood work today, because that really is torture for both her and me.  But I'm not sure that her weight gain really means too much.  She weighed 21.5 pounds in November, when she saw the doctor for a sinus infection.  Then at her appointment two weeks ago, she had been violently sick for 24 hours prior to the appointment.  And I'm pretty sure she lost at least a half of pound while she was sick, so she weighed only 21 pounds two weeks ago.  She has been eating like crazy lately, and that has helped her to catch back up to that 21.5 pound mark.  She looks super chubby these days, so gaining weight isn't really a concern for me.  I'm more concerned about her lack of height growth.  That is what we are really going to look at in three months.

I also talked to the doctor more about her speech.  We decided to give her another 4-6 weeks to see if she makes any progress before calling for a speech evaluation.  The doctor was very complimentary of Isla's ability to play with toys.  Isla was playing with some little figurines during our appointment, and our doctor repeatedly commented about how nicely and purposely she was playing with them.  She said it was very impressive for 18 months.  Isla does play really well with toys.  I'm always surprised at how well she plays "pretend."  She loves to play with little guys and make them walk and "talk", and she loves to feed and rock and hug her babies.  I don't know if it is really all that advanced for her age though.  I think the doctor was just trying to give me some encouragement about Isla!

So we are just going to continue this "wait and see" game for a few more months.  Fun, fun.  I do feel better about it all though and much less worrisome than I  did two weeks ago.


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