Sunday, December 16, 2012

December 15: Snow Day

The first words out of Audrey's mouth when we opened up the box this morning and read today's activity were, "But Mom, I don't see any snow outside."

She was right; no snow outside.  But I thought it would be fun to have a day filled with snow activities anyway.  I had more ideas in my head than what we actually did, but we still did a few fun things.

Audrey and I made paper snowflakes this morning.  Then Audrey spent a lot of time decorating all the snowflakes with glitter and stickers.

This afternoon, we made peppermint playdough.  We made a snowman out of our playdough, though he is a little sad looking because we didn't give him a nose or a mouth.
Audrey also made all of these things with her playdough.
 For dinner, I was planning to make a snowman shaped pizza.  But we had to go to a practice at church, and we ran out of time to make it from scratch.  Instead, I had some mini bagels that I used to make little pizzas, and then I attempted to make them look like snowmen with the few ingredients I had in the house.  These won't be making an appearance on Pinterest anytime soon, but hey, I tried.  I would also like to note that Audrey (who isn't a big fan of pizza) refused to even touch hers. 


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