Saturday, December 8, 2012

December 8: Visit Santa

Now, it's Daniel's turn to be sick.  Ugh!!

I took the girls to Scheels today to visit Santa and get out of the house.  Our friends Adam, Lindsey, Simon and Elliot joined us.  The store and parking lot were really crowded, so I was expecting to wait in a long line for Santa.  But there was no wait, and we were able to just walk right up to see him and Mrs. Claus and take a picture. 

I knew that Isla was not going to like this.  The past couple of weeks she has been in a super shy mood around strangers and a little more clingy than normal.  So I knew that putting her on the lap of a strange man in a strange costume was not going to go well.  But I still did it, all because I want the picture!  I love being able to compare each year's Santa picture  (it's kind of like the growth chart at the pumpkin patch, it's tradition!).


And this year:

I put Isla on Mrs. Claus' lap, hoping that she would be less scary.  But it wasn't meant to be.  Audrey has always surprised us and had no fears about sitting on Santa's lap.  For a girl who cries about everything, it is shocking that she has no fear of characters dressed up in costumes.

We played with Simon and Elliot for a while in the playland, then the girls and I decided to eat lunch at Scheels.  The girls were very excited that the kids meal came with ice cream!


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