Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 18: Preschool Christmas Program AND Piano Recital

Tis the season for Christmas programs around here!  Audrey had her Christmas program at preschool tonight.  I also had a Christmas recital with my piano students tonight.  I was not happy when I discovered that both of these events were scheduled for the same night.  But it was too late to change anything when I found out, so we just had to deal with it.

First up, the preschool program!  Audrey was a shepherd.  Audrey was a supposed to be an angel like all the other girls in her class.  But on the first day that they practiced their program at school, she had a major meltdown.  After that, her teachers were worried that being an angel would be too much for her (the angels stand up and sing one special song that the shepherds don't sing), so they demoted her to shepherd instead.  That's a bit dramatic...it wasn't really a demotion.  But it kind of felt like that to me when the teacher first told me.  In the end, Audrey didn't care one bit whether she was a shepherd or an angel.  She made a super cute shepherd, and she did a great job singing all her songs!  No tears, no meltdowns...she was a pro on that stage.

 This was my view throughout the program.  At least I could still see Audrey's face!

After the program, I hurried over to church to get ready for the piano recital.  My students did such a great job!  I don't have many beginner students right now, and all of the students who played tonight have been with me for several years.  They are getting really good!  I cannot say enough good things about how well they performed tonight.  Makes this teacher proud!!


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