Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10: Ride the Train at the Mall

Our mall got a new train this Christmas season.  They normally have a seasonal train that goes around on a little track in a little circle in the mall.  This year, they have one of those fancy trains that drives all around the whole mall.  Audrey was so excited about riding on a train without tracks!

It was a little expensive ($3 per person), so it was a treat we will probably only do once this holiday season.  But the girls thought it was a lot of fun.   We rode in the caboose, and many people in the mall stopped to wave at the girls.  They were pretty excited to wave back at everyone.

I took more pictures than this (like one with the girls actually on the train), but I cannot find them on my cell phone.  This happened once before, and all of a sudden, months later, the pictures magically appeared on my phone.  So maybe in a couple of months I will be able to come back and post the train picture!  I'm so ready for a new phone.  It might be time to finally upgrade to the iphone.  Also, I apologize again for the poor quality of these pictures.  It's just a hassle to lug around my big camera when I am out by myself with both girls.

Holding their tickets and waiting for the train:
 Here it comes!


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