Sunday, December 16, 2012

December 16: Christmas Pageant at Church

 Today was the Christmas Pageant at our church.  This year the preschool program was joined together with the elementary pageant, making for a pretty big event!

After Audrey's refusal to sing last year, I was curious to see how she handled being on stage this year.  She did so good!!  She did all the motions, and I could hear her singing above all the other kids (granted, I was sitting directly in front of her in the front row).

Thanks to our friend Lisa, here is a clip from one of their songs.

I am the teacher of one of Audrey's classes, and for our part in the program, I needed to select a kid to open our box and read our Bible words (memory verse).  It was hard to pick someone, because there were very few kids that I thought would be able and/or willing to do it.  I finally convinced Audrey and her friend Anna to be the ones to open the box and read the words.  I wasn't sure if they would be brave enough to talk into the microphone, but they did...and they did a great job!!  (This clip just barely catches them saying "God loved us and sent his Son)

Audrey got this cute dress for her birthday, so of course, I had to go get a matching one for Isla!!

 Here is Audrey with her good friend Anna.

And with her buddy Elliot.  Audrey, Anna and Elliot have been like the Three Musketeers in Sunday School lately.  They are some good kids!!


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