Monday, November 28, 2011

November 28

I went to see Breaking Dawn, Part 1 tonight.

Now that I have confessed that to you all, I feel the need to explain my position on the Twilight franchise.

I read the books several years ago, long before the movies were made and before all the crazy Twilight hype. Twilight was so much better before all the hype. There are several book/movie series that are worth the huge hype that is made over them. Harry Potter? Worth the hype. The Hunger Games? Worth the hype (can't wait for that movie in March!!). Twilight? Not worth the hype.

Don't get me wrong...I like Twilight. The books are good. They are fun. They are addicting. I own all four of them. But I also understand they are not quality literature by any means. They are just a fun, guilty pleasure kind of read. All of the people who claim these books (and even worse, the movies) are the best thing they have ever read or seen are crazy! I read on someone's Facebook status that Breaking Dawn was the best movie they have ever seen...seriously! I have no words for that. Just know, that while I do find Twilight to be a fun source of entertainment, I don't consider it to be high quality entertainment. I understand its place.

So, with that off my chest, here are my thoughts about the movie. Anytime you watch a Twilight movie, you have to be prepared for two things. 1. Extreme cheesiness, and 2. the annoyingness of Robert Pattison (whoever thought it would be a good idea to cast him as Edward???). So once you adjust to those two things, the Twilight movies are kind of fun to watch, and often they are even funny, though not always intentionally so.

Breaking Dawn had a handful of moments that I would call good. There were many moments of cheesiness and several just flat out bad moments (the CGI werewolves with the voice over human voices...awful!). The book has some really far-fetched parts that make sense on the page but are difficult to pull off in a realistic way on screen. It was an okay adaptation of the book, but not something I would recommend to anyone who was not already a Twilight fan.


kmc70e said...

I completely agree about your feelings with twilight. I saw the first movie and found it to be so horrible and uncomfortable to watch I refuse to see any of the others. And I am not an Edward fan and don't understand the obsession with him or his character. I have lots of other thoughts too but I will refrain for you!!!

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