Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November 15

I am thankful for Isla's great physical therapy session today. She did such a good job and cooperated with everything Shannon (her physical therapist) wanted her to do. She showed off how strong she has been getting over the past two weeks, and Shannon was really impressed and pleased!

I would say that she is now very close to normal (whatever normal is!) with her head and neck strength and range of motion. She is still just a bit tight on the left side, so Shannon wants to keep seeing her for a while longer and make sure she continues to make progress.

We took the helmet off for a few exercises, and Shannon noticed an obvious difference in her head shape. It is hard for us to tell if it is changing, because we see her every day. Her next head scan is in two weeks, so I'm anxious to get the official word on whether this helmet is working or not!


Julie Davison said...

Her head looks naked without the helmet! ;) She really looks like Audrey in these pictures! What a little doll!

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