Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 9

Daniel's brother and his family came for a visit today. Audrey was so excited for them to come, and kept asking all morning, "When my cousins be here?"
Audrey and our 9 year old niece Mariah were best buddies all day long. Audrey just wanted to hold Mariah's hand and lead her around the house from toy to toy and room to room. Mariah was so patient and willing to play with Audrey; it was just too sweet. Audrey wanted to copy everything that Mariah did. I wish Mariah lived a little closer so they could play together more often!

We had a fun, busy day: lunch and play time at our house, I went to a baby shower, then we went to Scheels, had dinner at Bennigans and ended with swimming at their hotel pool. Now, it is time for bed!


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