Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 13

I am terrified to try to cut Audrey's hair. So when it is time for a cut, even just a trim, I take her to my hairdresser Jenni. For $10, it is worth having an expert do it for me! Plus, Audrey loves to go see Jenni! I think today was her 3rd haircut.

Today after Jenni cut Audrey's hair, she put it in braids. She looked so cute and grown up in her braids.
One reason that Audrey likes to go see Jenni: she gets a sucker at the end of the visit!
Before we left this morning, Audrey kept telling me all the things she wanted to tell Jenni.

"I eat yogurt and toast for breakfast. I tell Jenni that."

"I tell Jenni about my new van."

"I tell Jenni about my baby sister.'

"I tell Jenni about Scheels."

But then when we got there, she was super shy and didn't talk much without a lot of prompting. Silly girl!

For the rest of the day after the haircut, Audrey kept randomly bringing up different things about Jenni and her haircut experience. Such as:

"Jenni hold my hand." (Jenni did hold Audrey's hand as we were walking back to Jenni's station)

"Jenni help me sit in big chair. I can't do it myself."

"Jenni give me sucker."

"Jenni cut my hair again next week."


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