Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 29

The rest of our trip to Keokuk was a lot of fun. On Friday, we went to the Keokuk pool. They have redone it recently, and it was pretty nice. I failed to bring my camera, and I missed some cute picture opportunities. Out of the 3 kids, Audrey was the oldest and she was also the scaredest! It took her a while to warm up to the new pool, but she eventually started to enjoy it just as much as the other two.

We enjoyed being able to see my aunt Martha, cousins Chloe and Olivia, and Chloe's little girl Madalinn. Madalinn is almost two, and she is so adorable and sweet!
And seriously, my nephew Josiah is the cutest little boy!!
This is my sister Andrea, my cousin Chloe, me and all our kids.Finally, here's a picture from today of our little family of four.


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