Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4

Happy 4th of July! (Just pretend like it's still the 4th...I meant to post this yesterday but didn't get it done.)

I took these pictures on Sunday, when the girls were dressed up in their red, white and blue outfits for church.

We had a nice 4th of July. We celebrated with a cookout and swimming with friends, though I failed to take any pictures to prove it.

After our sun-filled afternoon, we were all pretty tired...especially Audrey who had missed her nap. We were thinking it would be best to skip fireworks and stay home and go to bed early. I wasn't sure that Audrey would like fireworks. She hated them when we saw them at Disney in February.

But then I started thinking about what a nice evening it was and how the 4th of July only comes around once a year. I decided we should be festive and celebrate. So we joined some friends from church to watch the fireworks show.

All was going well at first. They were giving away free cookies and ice cream, which made Audrey happy. Audrey sat with me and we talked about watching the fireworks way up high in the sky. She seemed excited.
Then the fireworks started, and the disaster began. Audrey immediately started crying and saying, "I want to go home" over and over again. Then Isla lost her pacifier and we couldn't find it in the dark, so she started crying too. After trying to get them both to be quiet for a few minutes, we decided to pack up and go home. At least, we would be able to get out before getting stuck in traffic.

However, this was like the shortest fireworks show ever, and they were over before we even got halfway back to our car. So, we still got stuck in traffic on the way home.

Oh well, there's always next year!


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