Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 6

I decided I didn't want to mess with a little kiddie pool in our yard this year. So instead, I bought a sprinkler, which I found at Wal-mart for $6.

When Daniel got home from work tonight, we decided to try it out with Audrey. Audrey wasn't too sure about the water splashing in her face at first, and she refused to walk through it. So Daddy helped her out and carried her through the sprinkler (in his clothes!) to show her how much fun it is.
Then, Audrey got brave enough to do it by herself. She made the best faces as she was walking through the water. And as soon as she was done, she wanted to do it again.

Unfortunately, the $6 sprinkler from Wal-mart sprung a leak and stopped working. So Audrey had to stop playing in the sprinkler shortly after she was starting to have fun.

Time to buy a new sprinkler...hopefully it will last more than 10 minutes this time!


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