Saturday, May 3, 2014

May 3

Garage sale grand total:  $214.75.  Not bad!  I don't know if all the work is worth the $200?  But honestly, I just enjoy having garage sales even if they are a lot of work.  I love seeing people get excited about getting good deals!  Many people told us today that we had the nicest stuff for the cheapest prices they had seen; and that just makes me happy.  I'm pretty sure that we make more money because it is so cheap,because people buy more stuff.  Everyone likes getting a good deal!  That's my best advice to anyone having a garage sale.  Sell your stuff for cheap.  Don't try to make money.  And then you will make money.  =)

My most favorite part of the sale was during the last hour when we gave everything away for free.  I just loved seeing the looks on people's faces when we told them everything was free.  Really!  And seeing them walk away so excited about their armloads of new, free stuff.  Sometime, I should just do a totally free sale and forget about making money altogether.

This year's garage sale money is going into our Disney World trip savings jar.  I told Audrey that we now have enough money for two people in our family to go to one park at Disney for one day.  So if two of us stay home, while the other two walk to Florida without eating or sleeping, spend the day at the park, and then walk back home again without eating or sleeping, then we could go right now.  In other words...we still have a long ways to go to save for a real vacation!  I'm really hoping to go later this fall, so it is time to start pinching some pennies around here.

We celebrate our garage sale success and the lovely weather today by eating dinner outside.  We never ate outside at our old house, probably because we didn't have a table or any shade.  But we frequently eat outside here, and it's a lot of fun!  The girls were in the best mood ever tonight, and they ate all of their food without complaining.  It was nice!!


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