Saturday, May 17, 2014

May 17

I spent some time cleaning the house today and decided to take before and after pictures to show my progress.  I just love before and after pictures, and I figured it would be motivation to keep me cleaning.  We've had a really busy week, and then Daniel was out of town this weekend, and I'd like to blame these things as the reason why my house was so messy.  But, let's be real, my house looks like these before pictures quite often, even when we are not too busy to clean!

Kitchen Before:

Kitchen After:

Dining Room Before:  (it wasn't too bad compared to normal)

Dining Room After:

I enlisted the girls help to clean their rooms.  We hadn't cleaned their rooms in a long time.

Isla's Room Before:

Isla's Room After:  (Isla's room is due for a little makeover.  I'm waiting until we switch from the crib to her big girl bed, then we will take down all the random stuff she has hanging on her walls.  But I may never switch her to a big girl bed...)

Audrey's Room Before:

Audrey's Room After:

Living Room Before:

I did clean up the living room.  But then it got a little messy again, and I didn't bother to take an after picture.  We really "live" in our living room.  It is the hardest room to keep clean!


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