Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19

Today was Audrey's last day of preschool!!  Crazy!!  She still has her farewell ceremony (graduation) coming up on Wednesday, but today was her last day of class.

After school, they had a family play day on the playground with popsicles.  It was super windy, which made taking pictures kind of tricky.  Here is Audrey with her best buddy Anna.  These girls were in class together both years of preschool, and they are pretty much inseparable.

Last year they had this same event on the last day of school, and I got pictures of the girls sitting on this bench eating their popsicles both years!  It looks like they have both grown over the past year, even Isla!!

And while we are comparing last year to this year, here is one of Audrey standing outside the yellow room on the last day of school next to one from today where she is standing outside the blue room on the last day of school.

They grow up so much in a year's time!!

It's crazy to think that Isla is going to be starting in the yellow room next year.  I'm not sure how she is going to do in a school setting.  I'm actually pretty nervous for her, as she is so shy and does not like anyone to notice her or pay attention to her or even look at her sometimes.  It will be an interesting adjustment, I am sure.  But my hope is that Isla will adjust well to going to preschool, just like her big sister!  Audrey has some rough times during her first semester of preschool, but then she overcame it all and grew to love going to school every single day.


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