Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 21

Today was Audrey's farewell ceremony at preschool, kind of like a preschool graduation.  All day long she kept saying, "I just can't believe I'm done with preschool now!"  I know, Audrey, I can't believe it either!!

 The kids sang some songs.

I'm including a video of one of the songs.  Audrey was in the back, and we couldn't zoom in on my phone.  So it's not the greatest view.  But I figured at least the grandparents would like to see it!

At the end, they played the graduation song, called each kid's name one at a time and had them pose for a picture.  (I wish I could go and push that hair back behind her ear!!)

The school also put together a video presentation with pictures of each kid.  They included pictures from both years of preschool for the kids, and I was really impressed that the school had kept and organized multiple pictures of every kid from every year of preschool.  Here were Audrey's slides.

Audrey with her buddies Isabelle and Anna.

And with her teachers:


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