Thursday, May 22, 2014

May 22

Tonight was Audrey's first dance recital!

This was a non-costume recital (they rotate between costume and non-costume every other year), so I think it was supposed to be more low key.  But I found the whole recital process to be stressful!  From putting Audrey's hair in a bun and getting all the "wispies" to smooth down flat to putting makeup on her to volunteering to help backstage (never again!).  Whew!  I'm glad it's over.

Our pre-recital photo shoot:

And at the recital:

This one was from dress rehearsal:
For the most part, she seemed to know what she was doing, and she seemed to be having fun!  Every time I got a glimpse of her face during the recital tonight, she was smiling!


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