Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October 3: She's Walking! Again! (For Real This Time?)

I posted about a month ago that Isla was walking, but that proved to be a false alarm.  After taking steps that night, she refused to even try to walk on her own again.  Everyone kept telling me that she would just "get it" one day and start walking, but I was starting to feel like that day would never come.

Then this afternoon, she just started walking across the room by herself.  (Please ignore my obnoxious, high pitched voice in this video and just focus on the fact that Isla is walking!  Also, if you can't tell in the video, I was getting a little annoyed with Audrey.  She thought it was fun to jump right in front of Isla wherever she was walking, and I wasn't too amused).
I'm trying not to get too excited, because this stubborn little one has a mind of her own!  Today could have just been a fluke again.  But it was pretty impressive.  She walked all over the room, over and over again.  Not just a few steps....we're talking 15-20 steps at a time here.  She did it this afternoon multiple times, and then after dinner she continued to walk around the living room.

It does kind of seem like this is the real deal.  For the first time, when she started to feel unstable or about to fall, she was able to balance herself and keep going.  In the past, she has always grabbed on to something to steady herself or just sat herself down.  This is definitely an improvement with her balance, and that is a good thing since last week her physical therapist was just starting to be concerned something was wrong with her balance.

The real test will be tomorrow.  Will she still remember how to walk or will we be starting over from the beginning again? 


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