Sunday, September 30, 2012

September 30: The Weekend

I meant to blog all weekend, but it never happened.  So here is a recap of our weekend.

On Friday night, we met some friends for some frozen yogurt at Cherry Berry.

Saturday was a busy day.  Daniel spent most of the day with the girls.  I spent the morning helping to paint a classroom at church.  Then in the afternoon, I worked on another paint project:  making these cute play groceries out of wooden blocks.  We are going to use them at Sprouts, our playgroup at church that starts back up this week. I didn't quite get them all painted, but when the project is finished, I will post pictures!

For the rest of Saturday: I did a photo shoot with a family from church, ate dinner with my own family, met my friend Heather at Starbucks, then went to see a movie with Heather.  Heather and I have not had good luck in picking movies lately (The Campaign was our last failed movie pick).  This time, we saw The Master.  While well acted, it really just made no sense.  The movie ended, and we both looked at each other and said, "I don't get it."

Sunday morning was church as usual.  Then we went to Audrey's school for their Family Fall Festival.  Audrey was super excited about this event, and she was not disappointed.  They had bounce houses, games, playdough, face painting and stuff.  It really wasn't too fancy, but Audrey thought it was great.  Every time she played a game and got a super cheap/junky prize, she would jump up and down and run to show Daniel and our friends what she won. 

 Isla and I were waiting for Audrey to finish her last turn in the bounce house.  One of the bounce houses was Disney themed with lots of Disney characters on it.  Isla was pretty excited when she spotted Mickey Mouse!


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