Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September 5: Someone is Walking!

Isla started walking tonight!!!

Well, she at least started taking steps on her own.  Over and over and over again.  It was pretty exciting.  But Audrey was asleep and Daniel was at the gym, so it was just me getting excited all by myself!  I hope she still remembers how to do it in the morning so the rest of the family will be able to see her huge accomplishment.

Last week she took four steps by herself with Daniel.  But since then I had not been able to get her to even attempt to walk by herself.

Until tonight, when she took about three steps from the coffee table to me.

Then she took about three steps from me to the basket of toys.

Then she took two steps from the chair to the coffee table.

Then I started playing a game with her to see just how much she would walk by herself.  I moved the chair so it was about 5-6 steps away from the coffee table.  I put a bucket of crayons on the chair (her latest favorite thing).  Then I took two crayons and put them on the coffee table.  With a little bit of coaxing from me, she would leave the chair and walk to the coffee table to pick up the crayons.  Then it would take a little more coaxing and she would walk back to the chair to put the crayons in the bucket.  This game continued for about 20 minutes until I finally made her go to bed.

The most steps I saw her take was seven.  But then she only stopped because she got to her destination.  I wonder if she would have walked even more.

We will see what happens tomorrow.  There is a part of me that thinks this will all be a fluke, and she will wake up tomorrow and revert back.  But still this is progress, and it is very exciting!!

Here are some bad quality videos without sound from her walking adventures tonight.   I had to use my phone, which doesn't record sound for some reason, and try to help her all at the same time.  So these videos are not great.  But they are evidence that she can walk!


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