Monday, September 3, 2012

September 3: Labor Day

Daniel took the girls to the local Labor Day parade this morning, while I went to the grocery store and worked on hemming the curtains I bought at Ikea.

I guess the Labor Day parade is not too popular around here.  Daniel said there were only a handful of people watching it, at least on the street where he was.  Because there were not many kids around, our girls got A LOT of candy.  They were sitting in the stroller, and people in the parade just kept walking up and dumping it in the stroller.  Here is the loot they came home with!

The pile on the left is the pile that Audrey gets to keep.  Whenever we got big bunches of candy like this, we give her a small pile and then she gets to eat one piece every day.  She usually lines them all up and counts how many days she will get to have candy.  She is really, really good at eating only one piece a day and never asking for more.  She does however eat her one piece as soon as she wakes up in the morning, often as early as 6 am.  I figure if she is going to eat a piece of candy, does it really matter what time she eats it?

The rest of the candy needs to go somewhere else.  Audrey wanted to mail it to some kids who might need it.  (She's a little obsessed with mailing things lately).  We brought it to a cookout tonight, but we didn't get rid of too much.  I'm thinking we will save it for Halloween maybe?

Besides candy, they were also passing out bead necklaces.  Just recently, Isla has discovered necklaces.  She loves them.  Audrey has several of these bead necklaces, and Isla just loves to put them on and take them off.  (I try to keep a close eye on her, because I'm a bit paranoid that she is going to strangle herself).  Anyway, Isla doesn't really know what candy is yet, so I don't know if she was too excited about getting candy in the parade.  But I do think she was excited to get more necklaces!  Look how many she got today, and she wanted to wear them all!

Tonight we went to a cookout with some friends.  We had smores for dessert, yummy!
Audrey got brave enough to jump on the trampoline by herself.  She even jumped with the big boys.  She jumped and jumped and jumped.  Hopefully she will sleep well (and stay out of our bed) tonight!!


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