Friday, August 31, 2012

August 31: Ikea

Today I went to Ikea with some friends.  The purpose of the trip was to buy some things for the church's children's ministry rooms.  But we also were excited to make some personal purchases as well.  It is a three hour trip to Ikea, and we don't make the trip very often.
 I went to the store with a list and a plan.  I was going to spend about $40 on white picture frames.  I did not follow that plan.  My total ended up being $165...yikes!  I'm feeling a little guilty about that as I rarely make big impulse purchases like that.  It makes me a little sick to my stomach.  But it is not every day that we shop at Ikea, so I had to take advantage.
Here is what $165 will buy you at Ikea:
  • Ten window curtain panels.   I have been looking for new curtains for our living/dining rooms for almost two years.  We have five windows, and curtains are just so expensive.  Even the cheapest curtains I could find would end up being around $50 a window.  I wanted white/red patterned curtains that were not sheer (we have sheer now and I want more coverage).  And I have not been able to find anything I like that I can afford.  
 Until today!  I found these curtains, and they were just what I have been looking for.  The best part...they were only $15 a pair.  So I could get curtains for all five windows for just $75.  I could have easily spent $75 on just one window, so this was a deal too good to resist.
 The curtains are a little long.  I'm planning to hang the rods a little higher and also hem the curtains a little.  But I think they will give our living/dining rooms a much needed update.

  • Ten white picture frames.  I have been planning a portrait wall in our stairway for a while now.  I just needed picture frames!  Ikea's frames are not super nice, but they are super cheap.  And super cheap is what I can afford right now. 
  • Two purple curtains, 30 purple napkins and four frying pans.  These are for Audrey's upcoming Rapunzel birthday party.  I think the curtains will make a pretty backdrop for something, not sure what yet.  The frying pans are inspired by the movie Tangled.  I've seen a lot of party ideas that serve food out of frying pans.  I liked the idea, but I wasn't sure how to afford frying pans.  For $3 a piece, these seem to be the cheapest frying pans around.

  • A standing picture frame, a salad spinner, some plastic bowls, and a stacking toy.  I have several of these 99 cent frames, and they are great for parties.  The salad spinner was only $4, so I thought I would give it a try.  And I got the stacking toy as a gift for an upcoming birthday party.


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