Saturday, August 11, 2012

August 11: Beauty and the Beast

Last night, Audrey and I went to see Beauty and the Beast at the Muni.  We have been talking about going to see it since we found out about it in December, so there was a LOT of build up to this night!  We also have been listening to the Beauty and the Beast Broadway musical soundtrack in the car constantly since December (by Audrey's choice not ours!).  So Audrey knows all the words to all the songs and much of the dialogue as well.  We knew she would be really excited to see the show live in person.

The weather was so perfect.  Temps were in the 60s, so we needed jackets and even a blanket.  It was gorgeous!

Audrey loved the show, and she stayed awake through all of it.  The show started at 8:30, which is past her bedtime.  The show didn't end until after 11, and we didn't get home until almost midnight.  She even stayed awake (barely) on the 15 minute drive home.  This was by far the latest she has ever stayed up in her life!  (Yet, she was still awake and ready to go at 6:45 am this morning!!)

Some people from church were also at the show, and they were kind enough to buy a light up rose and bring it over for Audrey.  She was super excited about the rose.  At the end of the show, they told everyone to turn on their roses to help the Beast turn back into a prince.  Audrey is convinced that the Beast would not have turned into a prince without the help of her rose.

Audrey did some singing and dancing and dialogue quoting through parts of the show, but she kept it until control and wasn't too obnoxious to the people around us!  She also wanted to tell me what was going to happen next at the end of every scene.  There were over 1700 people in attendance and tons of little I'm sure she wasn't the only one talking and singing through the show.

After the show, Audrey wanted to meet Belle and get her picture with Belle.  She has been talking about it for weeks.  I knew that it would be possible to do this, as the characters almost always come out in costume after these shows to greet guests.  But I also knew that Belle would be extremely popular with the huge crowd in attendance, and I wasn't feeling up to waiting in a long line at 11:30 pm!

I made an educated guess about where I thought Belle would come out to greet the crowd, and I guessed exactly right.  We were standing right in front of Belle and the prince when they came out.  Audrey was the first little girl to greet Belle and get her picture with her.  We were super excited about that!

I did take some pictures of our fun night, but they are on my phone.  And I still don't have a way to get pictures off of my phone, so I can't post them quite yet.

Daniel's parents are coming with our nephews next weekend to see Beauty and the Beast as well, so Audrey is going to get to go a second time.  Obviously, she is excited about this!


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