Saturday, August 25, 2012

August 25: Block Party

Tonight we had our annual block party.  They close down the block, set up tables in the road, and everyone gets together for a meal and some activities.  Audrey is getting old enough to participate in some of the block party activities, so that is fun.

One of the activities that they always have:  a firetruck comes to visit.  Audrey was a little nervous about the firetruck making loud siren sounds (thankfully, it didn't), but she was also excited to climb up inside it.  This is the first year at the block party that she has been brave enough to go inside it.

Another annual activity for the kids:  a straw hunt.  They hide a bunch of candy in a bunch of straw in the middle of the road, and the kids search through it. We've never even attempted to have Audrey participate in this, as I didn't think she would really be brave enough to dive in there with all the kids.  So this year was her first attempt at the straw hunt.

This picture is not in focus, but I wanted to share it to show what Audrey does as soon as she leaves our side...she gravitates towards the first adult she sees and grabs on.  (And in case you are wondering about the costumes, the block party was pirate themed this year.)

 Once she figured out what was going on, Audrey did dive in the hay and get a few pieces of candy. 

 A new game this year was a scavenger hunt.  There was an adult version and a kid version, where we were supposed to talk to everyone and find people who fit each category on the list (i.e. someone who has been to a foreign country, someone who plays rugby, etc).

Daniel helped Audrey with the kids version, and she ended up being the winner because she got her form completed and turned in first.  (Considering that she cannot read or write, it probably should have been Daniel that was the winner).  She got this goodie bag with pirate stickers and candy and stuff in it.  She was so excited; she kept saying, "I can't believe it!  I'm the winner!"

 Audrey was also excited to be able to ride her bike in the road, which obviously is never allowed.  She even finally agreed to attempt to use the pedals.  She started to get the hang of pedaling, but she had a hard time getting herself started.
Isla is not at an ideal age for all the block party festivities.  She is too old to just still on our laps and be content, and she wants to be up and moving around like all the other kids.  But since she can't crawl or walk, she can't really do that by herself.  I hate to see her scoot on the pavement, because it scratches and irritates her legs.  So if she wanted to go anywhere, we had to hold her hands so she could walk.  That got tiring pretty quickly!  She spent a lot of time cruising around all the chairs.  Here she is playing peek a boo with the chair.
 This little girl needs to learn to walk soon!!  Surely by next year she will be a pro at walking and will be able to join in on all the fun with the other kids.


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