Sunday, August 5, 2012

August 5: Big Block Bash

My camera is still sitting in the bag of rice.  I'm scared to take it out. 

Today I found an old point and shoot camera in our closet.  The last time I used it was when Audrey was a newborn.  There are still a bunch of pictures on it, and it was fun to go back and look at my tiny baby Audrey.  Like this one...look at that tiny baby with the big pacifier!
For now, I'm going to use this camera until I figure out what is going on with my camera.  A junky camera is better than no camera, right?  I'm not so sure about that; I've been spoiled with my DSLR for too long.  It was a pain trying to take pictures tonight and having to wait like 3 seconds for the shutter to release!  Not to mention that the quality is horrible.

Tonight was Big Block Bash (or the Big Fashion Show, as Audrey kept calling it.  I have no idea why), the annual block party that our church hosts in the parking lot each year.  It is conveniently scheduled the night before VBS, so it also serves as a kickoff event for VBS week.

They had  six bounce houses tonight, and Audrey loved all of them.  This was actually her first time to go in a bounce house.  Last year she was too scared to even think about trying it.  She is so much braver now.  She got right in there with all the big kids.  She did all the bounce houses over and over again, with no tears and no fears...just fun!!

  Here's one last picture of Audrey and her friend Anna, showing off their face (and arm) painting.  These two girls are super excited about starting preschool in the same class in just a few weeks!


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