Sunday, August 12, 2012

August 12: The State Fair

It's August, which means it is time for the state fair!  We have a tradition of going to the fair with our friends Steve, Amy and Cael.  So that's what we did yesterday on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon/evening.
 Let me start by saying that the fair is expensive!  We were there for four hours and spent $60...yikes!  Here is what we got for our $60:

Admission for Daniel and I (Kids 5 and under are free)
5 kiddie rides for Audrey
1 bag of mini donuts for the four of us to share
1 Sprite
1 Coke
2 cheeseburgers (I brought sandwiches and a banana for the girls, and we brought our own water)
1 order of fries for the four of us to share
1 small cup of Dippin Dots for the four of us to share
We could have spent less on food, and it would have been a cheaper afternoon.  We also could have easily spent a LOT more money on food and rides and all the random stuff (i.e. junk) for sale. 

This was the first year for Audrey to ride some fair rides.  She only got to ride five; see above for my thoughts on how expensive the state fair is!  =)  But five was really the perfect number of rides for her.  She went on the tamest rides that the fair offers, but she went on them by herself, which was impressive to me.  And she had a huge smile on her face the whole time.  

Poor Isla, she needs to learn how to walk so she can get out of the stroller and start having fun with the big kids!  She is pretty content to hang out in the stroller and eat goldfish and watch everyone else though. And we did get her out often...we didn't make her stay in the stroller the whole time.  Here she is getting a close up look at some goats.
Audrey and Cael spontaneously started walking and holding hands (actually, it was Audrey who grabbed Cael's hand) while walking from ride to ride.  SO cute!!
 Silly sisters!!  They love to play together in the stroller.
Even though I complain about it being expensive,  I'm pretty sure we will continue this tradition.  It is a fun time with friends...just look at all the memories that were created!!


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